You were my mirror. You reflected your flaws on mine, because I was your mirror too. But my mirror showed to me a personality of perseverance, strength, courage. You got excited as it was opposed to what you thought it was, so you changed the mirrors to see, but you felt deceived as you could still only refract hopelessness from it. Should I spill the beans now?


They were not the mirrors that were flawed, it was something in you. I can’t point any one out of it because there were a lot of them, just like in the case of everyone, like me, my friends, family and social circles and their friends, families and social circles. But, unlike us, you couldn’t understand it. So, first, you smashed the mirror and in the process, did hurt nobody but you. And you, clever enough that you are, realised that it was you the whole time— the flawed, but since your arrogance couldn’t allow you to accept it, again I had to become your mirror. So, your mistakes were mine and my apologies were taken to be yours, though the difference being that you just forgot to confess them to me. So, a supposed self- reflection suddenly was turned by you into an argument of allegations, or should I say a game rather, since you play a lot and effectively win as well in the game of emotions. But, you didn’t realise I was also playing a game— a game of love— and you might falsely believe that it was you who won as you were the one who left me but guess what, victory doesn’t come that easy. You exited my life but do you know who came to stay with me throughout my life in a lifelong relationship? If you couldn’t guess, let me answer it, it’s me.

Now, the mirror has changed. It always reflects me back. Be it whatever and whoever, but you don’t inspire me anymore because one confused soul cannot enlighten the right path to others. My mirror is still the same but more. It reflects love in abundance, overflowing enough to share with the whole world, if need be. It reflects trust and honesty. It reflects the best of me which keeps getting better everyday, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally. It wishes me good luck every morning and bless you and I love you every night. Finally, I have found my forever through my mirror. The mirror true, pure, though strict sometimes yet free of malice unlike before.

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