Break free

They have been telling you a lot. They have been guiding you constantly and you, unquestionably, have been taking their advices as if they are doctors and you are a patient. The only one who can guide you, is you. Seek answers to your questions from the various selves within you. 


You are covered from top to toe, they call you overdressed. You wear clothes with designs and gaps in between, they tell you to cover up. Since you can’t do both at a time, and considering that you are not—in any sense— hurting anyone, wear whatever is convenient to you.

Don’t starve yourself if they call you fat and don’t binge- eat if they call you underweight. Exercise if it makes you—and only you— feel good. Eat what treats your body good and makes you healthy but fulfil your craving of junk once in a while within limits, or maybe, don’t.

You don’t feel like conversing about something that makes you feel bad about yourself— cut the communication. If they nag you on that and it’s harming you— psychologically, mentally, physically, spirituality— cut them off your lives, no matter how hard it may be. At the end of the day, you just need to please yourself without harming anyone else in any sense.

Your virginity doesn’t decide your character. Don’t marry because it’s been a practice followed since ages. Choose your career or your household as a priority but stand by your choice and justify your choices to yourself solely. Pursue a desk job if it suits you or your passion, if you have any, otherwise.

You messed up. Say sorry and mean it. If they hold value in your lives, while keeping your self- respect preserved and ego at bay, go to the lengths to make them choose to stay in your lives for mutual happiness. Practice empathy.

You can talk about it. When your mind wants answers, smiling on it won’t help. Be it anything—depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar, some food eating disorder— it doesn’t make you abnormal because just like most of the terms, the definition of normal too differs for everyone. You are who you are and if you have never indulged in any kind of inhuman activity against anyone in your life, live your life like a peacock— proud and preen. Break free from the shackles of the rules of the ever changing society of the transient world.

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