Butterflies in their stomachs,

Cheeks gleamed in pink hue

Lips played the game of seal and unlock

To share a bit of their life’s rue.


Heart kept tearing in the dilemma

Seeking the other’s acceptance,

Assuming their situation

to be the starkly opposite.


Inside the room they went

And through coughs, their lips unzipped

It all started talking about the weather

And after a while, the conversation clipped,


They inhaled courage inside 

and gathered all their strength,

“I am not a virgin”

At the same time, both said.


For a moment, they were taken aback

by their own confession.

Then both pondered, for a while, upon 

their potential mates’ fresh declaration.


“Oh! you too?” They said

in a fashion confused yet casual.

“How?”, both discussed the details 

and laughed a moment later.


“You loved her a lot” she said.

“You too” he replied with comprehension,

“They were important parts of our lives.” And she replied,

“Yes, indeed, I’m glad we’re not into pretention.”


“I don’t wish to go back to her”

“Neither do I” 

“But a part of me loves her”

“Because love never dies”.


“But I want you to understand

That if for eternity we’ll meet, 

You don’t need to doubt my character

Trust me, I’ll never cheat.”


“Same goes from me to you 

Past is past, and should remain like that too.”

Then, both said with mutual understanding,

“Together, we’ll start from a new beginning.”


“Forget about the bodies,

our souls still remain untouched. 

We’ve learnt about love from experience

and are ready to focus on issues that matter a lot much.”


“By losing the virginity, one doesn’t

loses one’s human essence.

Our strengths and weaknesses define us.

Our behaviour justifies our moralistic sense.”





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