Telecast of Life

The dawn falls down

My soul ventures on its hunt

It’s lost in its yearning essence

Wondering of forever peace


The eyes glitter in dim shine

Their gleam— colder, slow and steady

Pondering over in a cold fashion

on all that life has telecasted already


Some unanswered questions,

Some unsaid goodbyes—

They stay with us forever

as anthology of various lives


Everyone is chasing;

Not success but love—

To some it’s racing heartbeats,

for rest, it’s white dove.


Everything has life

And life contains all—

It holds stories and memories—

Good, bad, lengthy and small.


Grudges and forgiveness

form the circle of life

Happiness makes every

individual to strive.


The emotions— strong and stormy

are rested through catharsis

The deeds of the individuals

lie at the play of nemesis


Desires rule the heart

and needs guide the brain.

Passion struggles within this

estimate of loss and gain.


We accept every pain

’cause that’s how life goes on.

Making us ignore all the 

vital facts to ponder upon.

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