And there are days when I cry,

And I don’t even know why,

I crave you to be beside me,

and in your laps, my head will lie.


I crave the warmth of your soul,

which your hands transfer to me

and a strange understanding in your

eyes and psyche

who claim to know me whole.


I crave your physical presence,

which has never made an appearance

as yet before me.

I am in a wait to feel it in reality.

My imagination proliferates my fantasies.


Your smile makes me smile.

You’re not a dream but my reality.

When we’ll be on the same pane,

I’ll grip you tight and close, unafraid,

in front of our family

and prove towards you, my loyalty.


On that day, we’ll rejoice our love—

not only as an exchange — but a declaration.

All around, there would be smiling faces

with trust spread all over them.


Till then, my love, don’t change;

even if you do, do that for good.

Together we’ll work to have

a relationship as the soulmates should.


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