I should give up

This is what you think

But let all of it resolve

And inside it should sink

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Café Time

And they met. Not under the stars but within the arena of the nearby café. This was the first time they were meeting on a date after their wedding. He was very excited to meet his wife for the first time. And there she was, in her red gown. The clothes and her smile alone were her accessories.

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Coconut Sweetheart

You, I must say, are a beauty. I won’t hold my emotions back this time. I don’t care however people may judge me for being this explicit about my feelings. I haven’t met you, but you have become a friend. Before you, after my breakup, whoever I talked to, even my old male friends, seemed to me as deceptive as my ex boyfriend, with a hidden malicious intent somewhere in their hearts, some selfishness. After 6 months, now that feeling has started to fade away and believe it or not, it’s because of you.

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