Alone at the metro station while waiting for my friend, I sit calmly. After several days, a different kind of relaxation is felt in my body. I can hear my breath. I lift up my eyes to see the world rushing before me. Their paces differ, and movements too.


As I observed while preparing for my examinations held four days in a row, busyness makes the time rushing as fast as the sand breezes out of the fist. You are unable to feel the blood flowing throughout your body. The commotion makes the heartbeat barely heard. 

Busyness also makes us realise our potentials, strengths, weaknesses and desires and ambitions through testing us by putting us under trying circumstances. It reveals newer selfs to us.

Being busy is a boon in disguise. The mechanism that turns you into machine finally immobilises your emotions too. The emotions that hurt and prick your soul are finally put at rest without much effort and realisation. Sometimes, not indulging into thoughts also provides a sense of healing and strength.

Being a busy person makes us realise our importance as a person and as a part of various social groups, big and small. It makes us understand and recall that we have some customary duties to abide and specific roles to play and that we are an important unit of society. We are our own models of strength who don’t require any validation of our survival. And we are complete within ourselves. That we are what we are, and are surviving for a reason.

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