Standing amidst the crowd

Not lonely but seemingly lost

He holds a look on his face that

qualifies him as a charming trap

of the rank foremost.


With the cunning deception of grief

He ten-to-one wins each’s belief

The eagle sits to catch his next sentimental quarry

His hawk eyes gleam with lustful treachery.


The words uttered with innocence

Are not so innocent as they seem

Don’t fall for them, they are not the truthful ones

It’s all a trap, not love predestined.


Mastered among all actors

he delivers truthful lies

He remains to be a philanderer

in a committed’s guise.


He stands out from all

Nix deceives with such grace

None acts so perfect in real life diurnal

To fulfil temporary lust and emotions desperate.


So, here am I, writing about him

And making one and all aware

He looks all beautiful yet is commitment- phobic

He might be around you, so ladies, beware!




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