Rabindranath Tagore wrote ‘ekla chaulo re’. Gain some inspiration from Phoebe Gary and Don’t Give Up. You can pause to breathe some air inside and refresh your passionate blood but don’t stop because ‘If by easy work you beat, Who the more will prize you?’ The tougher the task, the more happiness and pride would you gain after its accomplishment. And accomplishing it all by yourself would serve as a cherry on the cake.


But solitude is a weakening strength. You get so strong and are presented in the same manner in front of everyone that when you wish to recharge yourself, there’s nobody to be your power bank since they are habitual of that illusive manifestation. And then, as always, you rest for a while and refresh yourself. You become your power saver at all times. You become your most reliable.

But you break too. And you cry a little more and little louder when you see there’s nobody to realise what you are going through. And when you cry, the lump in your throat chokes you and it hurts a lot more than you could bear. The windpipe then supplies air in supplements, cutting through the tears stuck in the throat in an attempt to gulp them down. You might also end up getting stuck in the vicious cycle of pleasing everyone. And of all this is because sometimes, your solitude scares you that you might end up all alone. And somewhere, each one of us wish this fact to be false.

At times, your solitude leads you to success since you over- indulge yourself into plenty of work consuming much of your time, so much so that you could not meet yourself. And you get hard on yourself, which is both an advantaging and disadvantaging habit, since you churn out the best in you— your unexpected, but on the price of avoiding a meet with yourself, which is a self-injurious habit.

So, what is solitude? Is it a boon or a curse? Is it strength or a veil? Do you lose your loved ones or win yourself? 


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