Sometimes, my emotions overtake me and I become overwhelmed. Recently, I went out with my friends, wandering around in the streets of Delhi. While returning, we were all standing since it was late and we all couldn’t find seats to sit together in the metro. Haunted by some past memories, my emotions got triggered all of a sudden and the indescribable  desire to cry clouded over. Before I could hold myself together, tears started flowing from my eyes. My friends noticed after a second and immediately started to console me as they were feeling embarrassed that a mature adult was crying among the crowd of the metro. I was amazed at how internalised the repression of emotions has been in the society.


I don’t understand why people have now started pretending to be alright. And that’s still fine. But they tell others as well to hinder their expression. Why? Have we forgotten that we are humans?


If someone is sad, they are not let to cry out their feelings. People are unwilling to sit, discuss and resolve the conflict and tension in others’ lives, not even their loved ones. People don’t realise, but this repression solely attacks an individual’s psyche and they go astray.

Even on expressing happiness, people have laid down rules. Don’t laugh too loud. Don’t express your immense happiness in crowd. I don’t understand, unless someone has really inflicted hurt on you or has done any inhuman act in their life, why would you wish for someone’s unhappiness and remorse? Why are people unhappy on seeing others happy, even when it’s nothing personal involved between them?

Even discussing problems doesn’t work. Since people listen to pacify and not resolve. This pretence has spread it’s sphere all over a person’s day. Many are suffering with the ‘smiling depression’, as we call it.

Sometimes, I feel, this happens because of lack of self- love, self-satisfaction and self- confidence in people. These are the keys to a happy life. And all of us do wish for a life really blissful, don’t we? So, love yourself, everyone. Make yourself your priority over everything and everyone. And don’t hinder your expression nor stop someone else from free expression of their thoughts and emotions. Free yourself from the chains that bind you. Just express. Your happiness is in your hands. 


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