Ignorance is Bliss

Don’t look back. Why would you wish to do that? Why to inflict unnecessary hurt? They cheated on you, didn’t they? So, why are you bothered what they are up to now? Being friends with your past lover is a fantasy. And you’ll be hurt real bad when reality will strike. They WERE a part of your life. “Were”, you understand, is past my friend. 


Don’t hurt yourself by connecting with even a slightest thought of theirs. Because that way, you wouldn’t heal darling. Lest should you forget there are problems in life and a lot more beyond them and to focus upon them is important. The resolution of these problems are worthy of your time, not the people of the past whom the clock has bid goodbye ages ago. Ignorance is bliss.

Focus on love. All kinds of love. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your work.

Focus on growth. Try to achieve the minor goals of the day. Try to remove one bad habit in the day. Try to love yourself even when you can’t be perfect. At least try, what would it cost you?

You feel stuck? Get moving. Go to some new place. Stand up and start walking. Treat yourself with delicious food. Exercise. Sweat it out. Change your atmosphere. Change your outlook. Get a new haircut. Buy that one dress you always wished to wear but couldn’t because it didn’t fit your size. Make it your resolution to fit in. You don’t feel like moving? Start watching a new web series that everyone’s crazy about but you haven’t even seen the trailer of it. Just don’t be white. Dance like nobody’s watching. Watch a baby. Make him happy. Laugh with him without any reason. Read a new book. Learn an art.

And don’t compare. Everyone’s fighting their own war. No two persons in the world answer exactly same question paper of life. If it bothers you still, pretend they don’t exist. That sounds stupid but works slowly yet effectively. Give yourself time. Heal, baby. Do whatever it takes for you to heal. Shout, scratch, scream. Free yourself. Breathe. Only person you should be concerned about pleasing is you. Repeatedly confess to yourself that “I love you”.

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