Humans first

The wheel of time keeps rolling

Advancements in the world we eye

Technology races at speedy pace

Still men can’t freely cry.


A line of crossing hinders

The emotions we wish to express

The pressure exerted, the cause social

The unconscious holds the ”suppress”.


Love gets the eyebrows raised

None to question hatred

Humans converting into machines

Men have become ignorant.


In the eternal race of life

No choice but to compete

Motherhood lost from within all men

Humanity and existence deplete.


Barricades and demarcations

Have spread their arena within emotions

Humans not allowed to shriek

The “civilised world” turn all to a freak.


The decent victim geezer

Of false accounts, persist to suffer.

The preys to cruelty

Have lost faith in humanity.


Everything is certain,

Structured and defined.

The society lays norms

To make the brain confined.


The child has various needs

To which parents pay no heed

Economy rules people’s minds

None acknowledge needs of diverse kinds.


Love has found new transit

Lovers enter and exit

To meet their new beloved

Even the pace of the seasons is outshined in relative.


Values and life are kept

at stake to portray durst,

Seems all have forgotten

That we are humans first.












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