A lot of the elders I meet after a long period of time often say, “You have changed”. For elders, it contains mostly the surprise element while for my earlier friends, it’s mostly a disappointment. However, even if they wouldn’t say it, I know. This change has been my voluntary choice. It’s not a remark for me, it’s a compliment.


No matter what happens, I never go back to where I was, I don’t even try. As Toni Morrison reflects, our past haunts us. People say confrontation of past is essential, Toni Morrison takes confrontation to another level.


My hate generates towards anyone who, directly or indirectly, willingly or unwillingly, reflects on my past. Maybe, that’s the reason I don’t consider reading Beloved out of course. I find no purpose discussing the grief of life. No use except digging graves and inflicting uninvited immense eternal pain with much more intensity all over again. I just believe that if it contains a lesson, move ahead while learning and implementing it in real. And then, never look back. Anyhow, life would do that for you.

Because it’s similar to beating the dead fish. There’s all loss in this deal— of zeal, of hope to a shining future, of energy, of peace of mind, of sanity—no gain whatsoever. And history is called so for a reason. Some things and some people play a significant role in your life for a certain time, and would persist to stay in the form of memories, good and bad, but it’s not necessary to reflect back onto them.

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