Unknown Uninvited

This….. it’s a state of void. Yet another time. This void has been more honest to me than most of the humans I have met in my life. Fulfilment has been a temporary abode, void replacing it to be the permanent, proving its presence time and again.


The amount of time you spend with someone doesn’t matter. The attachment is felt and connected from the hearts. Each one left, all of them. Some willing, rest unwilling. And it returned, yet again……. the void.

It’s this unknown uninvited state which perplexes me through its constant presence in my life. Nobody can feel this. No one can decode or decipher. I have no convincing answers to me feeling void in their absence. Strange it is, for them, as for me, to accept the cause of my void as the absence of them, the best of my teachers. Maybe, with them, they took away my parts attached with them. I couldn’t imagine that this could ever hit me. Now that it did, it hit me hard. It’s as if I have lost the strings to the beautiful journey of life awaiting me ahead, leaving the journey where the void ends seemingly bleak.

Currently, it’s all black and bleak. I have lost the best and I am unwilling to accept it. I don’t wish to settle for anything or anyone less. Why would someone wish to settle for someone else once they are got the best with them? I don’t want to adjust now. I don’t want to accept that the perfect ones are not with me anymore. I don’t want this void. I want to bid goodbye to this unknown uninvited.


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