Timeless Treasured

Dear forever,

Come fast. I have had enough alone time. Now I need you. Are you there? When will our paths cross? I am waiting and………..tired. Yes, I am tired. I don’t know how and by what means, but something is draining all of my energy. Nowadays, even the king of the night doesn’t appear to share my heart out with him. I am tired of being strong enough. I want you to come and refill my energy and together we will conquer the world.You know, honesty and commitment run in my blood. So, what holds you back?

Yes, I know, I am not like them. I can’t demand unnecessarily. I don’t know how to churn out tasks from someone by irritating them to the uttermost extent. I don’t live up to the standards set for the supposed sweet warrior.

But I do have a different set of share for you……..solely for you. That share that would blow you away. I wish to witness the smile and amazement on your face that would be a reward of my efforts. I am waiting for my king. Your kingdom is awaiting you. So, please come fast…….. or else I’ll cancel playing that video game you crave for. I can’t be your Lady Macbeth, but you could maybe try to be the Watson to my Sherlock in this quest of life. Think fast, my beloved. You’re welcome in my life, you timeless treasured.



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