She sat there. Alone…..not lonely. Enjoying her own company. The breeze blew past her hair as she sat on the window which opened towards the verandah. Enjoying the peace in her two-storeyed bungalow. Letting the peace in the atmosphere bring peace to her innermost. She was not thinking anything, for the first time. This peace, this feeling, this moment, she loved it and was living it as this was the moment she was waiting for in her life. The wind blew her hair. The cold breeze filled in peace into her. She was in a moment of a strange, unknown understanding. Everything around her gave her an inspiration of life. She looked outside the window, downwards. The green grass, fresh with the dew, depicted a new beginning. A hope of beauty, fulfilment of desires. In this moment, she was sans desires.

She seemed to be awake in a dream. Holding the coffee with both the hands, while leaning her head towards the left side of the window sill, she kept looking into infinity for a moment. That minute seemed more than an hour. She had almost forgot in the moment that one can measure time within clock. There were no priorities, no grudges, no stress…….she was living into nothing. A beautiful nothing one yearns for. The final nothing. Probably, the ultimate of life. Coming back in the moment after  staring into nothingness for a while, she sipped her last sip of coffee. This coffee, it was tasty as never before. She looked at the sky while sitting on the sill, and got mesmerized on its beauty for a while. Then, she turned and walked her grace to the kitchen, filled the coffee mug with water, and left it on the slab. Usually, she used to wash every utensil she used instantly after usage, but today, she was relaxed. She wished to live this moment of relaxation at the utmost. So why waste a moment doing something that was less important than enjoying this ultimate tranquility? She turned and opened all the windows in her house. The curtains on the windows wave. She felt the breeze whirling around her body, slowly, peacefully, energising her while making her feel sleepy. She raised her hands and opened her fists and felt the current of the wind. Turning towards her right, she placed herself in front of her piano, the brown shiny case tempted her. Feeling the breeze on her body, her mind wandered wild, went off-duty. She closed her eyes. Her body was beyond her control, feeling the ultimate peace to the brim. Her hands lifted themselves and her first finger of right hand chorded the first note of C on the upper octave. The left hand collaborated with the right and the first, second fingers and the thumb of both the hands placed themselves on the first, third and fifth note of C on both- lower and upper- octaves. And then the collaboration took new twists and turns, variations followed, syllables and chords interchanged, the notes danced to the rhythm of the tune. Her feet started tapping themselves and her body started waving slowly in sync with the direction of the wind. The rhythm increased, the interchange became faster, variations played themselves on the keys of the piano, the fingers started dancing. Waving faster, she stood up while playing the piano. Her hands left the board of players and her hands clenched into fists, slowly waving and reaching for the upwards. Her feet synced in. Her eyes closed the whole time, now after waving for a while, she couldn’t control. Her right leg threw itself open towards floor while jumping a bit simultaneously.She rolled and waved and twisted and whirl, syncing on and off with the wind. Now, like her mind, her body got out of her control. The breeze kept fuelling her passion. She kept dancing to the tune of her heart and rhythm of her soul. The clouds, too, got overjoyed seeing this and came down to meet her. The scent of the ground soaked in passion fueled her passion even more. The rain sung and she danced to the song of the rain.


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