Love Unveiled


“I love you”.

The most heard phrase nowadays.

When you see a person with a beautiful body as you never witnessed before, you say it’s love. But, is it? So, if it is so, why does that love transfer the moment you witness a more beautiful body? Does love have a tendency to travel, not from a place, but person- to- person? Or does it stay towards the same person, same moment, same place, no matter what? And even if it does, why is it not habit, but love? So, is habit…love?

If not, then what is love? Can love even be described? Does love shift itself for everyone, or is this tendency more favorable to some than others? And even if it is so, then too, why? You say, love is the world. And, what if, your world was never yours? Or one day, someone enters your world, owns it, and throws you out of it? Even if you turn into a wanderer, where do you go? In which world, if not the world you believed you belonged to?

For me, love is the unknown. It resides within you without your knowledge. You don’t know when it has struck you. You get to know when you try to understand it. But, is it even decipherable?

Love is…. when you do stupid things just to make them laugh, because in that moment, you live in the present……rather, beyond it. You separate from yourself and get lost in the beauty of your beloved. Your mind stops thinking altogether. You are at peace. You don’t want to rush, don’t want the moment to end. You feel like capturing the moment in a box and to cover it with a lid, so that you can get lost into your beloved’s charismatic beauty, whenever and wherever you miss their presence. Love is, when you feel them when they are not around. Talking to them is the best solution to all of your problems, because their voice soothes your soul. Love is far beyond physical pleasure. Love is……when you are thinking something, and your beloved knows it without you saying. Love is bold, yet love is shy. Bold enough to protect and accept their love for their beloved without any fear in front of the whole world, and containing shyness within when the beloved’s beauty choke their words to express their love to their beloved. Love is poetry, love is falling short of words. Love is breeze, love chokes your breath. Love is calm, love is temptation. Love is to set free, love is to pull closer. Love is the smile that spreads on your face when see your beloved. Love holds your hand, and shows you how beautiful you are. Love doesn’t criticise you to demean you, but to uplift you to perfection. Love teases you to make you laugh. Love is when you fear touching your beloved, lest tampering their innocent beauty. Love is belief, love is unbelievable. Love is destruction, love is beautiful. Love is life, having its own life beyond imagination.

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