You give to me

The thrill of life,

Freedom to soul

And courage to strive.


You give me power,

To you, I am vulnerable,

You stir within me

To show how much I am capable.


You don’t know your worth,

To me, what do you mean,

Alas! That’s my fault, too,

‘Cause you only believe what you’ve seen.


I’m sorry, my love,

My words choke my breath, ah!

When I get mesmerized

By cherishing your charisma.


Your voice soothes my soul,

Your words make me high,

And in your happy place

My dreams begin to fly.


The clock stops, dang,

My feet gets stuck

Tempted by your magnetism,

Your fragrance is my drug.


The softness of your skin,

You panting in my ears,

The warmth of your design,

My fingers entangled with your smooth hair,


Abundant aspirations, to pursue

The dreams too passionate

Holding hands with you,

My darling, my true soulmate.

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