YET another boring and stressful day. Shouting and screaming will do no good than to hurt me and others around me.  Here, Music comes to my rescue. Music is an inseparable part of my life. I cannot be more happy than when I listen to good and passionate music of incredible singers with a passionate voice, or sing to myself out of utter happiness, or just transform into a poet flowing with the beads of heartfelt words combined in the threads of soulful notes.


Who don’t speak, write. When even writing proves to be unsuccessful in expression od emotions, Music helps. ‘Cause music is an art which lets the soul free to wander in an open sky and measure the unlimited. When we want someone to understand us and can’ t express it verbally, the words weaved in the threads of rhythmic notes serve our purpose. Notes of the various octaves express the sea of emotions where sometimes waves take the form of tides while the sea calms down at the other times. It is the most comfortable and efficient way to convey our messages indirectly. The lyrics to the songs express those feelings and emotions which we won’t be able to express verbally, when our logical thinking works. Music is all around us. It  is present all around us.Sometimes notable, sometimes not. Language does not matter, emotions do. The best way to express one’s emotions is through music. It kills us with love. It makes us travel to the world of thoughts of expectations. The soul flies to happiness. It treats us by breaking us from within, losing the threads held tightly together. The bitter memories, when accompanied with music, for some reason, hurt less. 

I believe that music makes us empathetic. Somehow it manages to console us by supporting us and also makes us understand that maybe our perspective of a situation or person might not be true, both at the same time. 

  The modern life is full of stress created by competition. Sometimes, rather mostly, many people unwillingly act in a manner they don’t want to and present themselves to others as someone they are not in reality.Music helps us not only in understanding other people, but also makes us realise about one’s own life- our desires and priorities.

 I can say that music is my best friend. When nobody, even me myself , cannot understand me or my behaviour, listening to music makes me feel better. Somehow, it feels like maybe life is not as miserable as it seems  to be. Just like musical notes, our life keeps changing every moment, sometimes it is as energetic, vibrant, extreme and exciting as the notes of the higher octave whereas sometimes it becomes serious, stagnant, calm and relaxing as the notes of the lower octave. It never makes me feel like life’s worthless. It energizes me. It brings happiness back into my life. And perhaps, I am happy because I have been associated with it ever since I came into my senses. Music, certainly, is the rescue to my soul.



Music- The Rescue to Our Souls

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