I thought of expressing my feelings to all of you today. The feeling of sharing my thoughts and all the experiences throughout the short span of life that I have lived uptil now is beyond amazing. I am wondering where shall I begin with.

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A Day with Me

The banned talks, postponed meetings

Standing nearby the sea

Losing the fret of worldly fears

Leaving aside the time of spree

Stopping the clock, breathing the breeze

After accomplishing a long journey

Diminishing the load of responsibility

Reposing my psyche and body

To spend some time with a close friend

To breathe-in life, in a day with me

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Music- The Rescue to Our Souls

YET another boring and stressful day. Shouting and screaming will do no good than to hurt me and others around me.  Here, Music comes to my rescue. Music is an inseparable part of my life. I cannot be more happy than when I listen to good and passionate music of incredible singers with a passionate voice, or sing to myself out of utter happiness, or just transform into a poet flowing with the beads of heartfelt words combined in the threads of soulful notes.

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