Touched Out

I feel touched out at times

So, I may sit a bit aside.

There is no issue on your side

Nor is there any on mine.

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Rule Of Thumb

When I will be so aggrieved that I will become numb

I will push you away- it is a rule of thumb

I won’t be able to listen to your voice

Your vibe will be overpowered by the negative noise

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Tasty Ecosystem

It’s fascinating. It looks like a jungle in its own- with its own ecosystem and the outer shield of the vessel acts as the exosphere. The vegetables live within its heat and grow into finality, mixing into each other and a few other grinded, extracted and refined members like the salt and red chilli powder, turmeric and coriander leaves.

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Maybe, I know you or maybe, not

But I stay awake thinking of you a lot.

A few instances make me miss you more.

The ocean of tears well up on the shore.

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Don’t hold me too close.

What if you see the cracks in my soul

Or see that I am falling apart?

I won’t seem as beautiful as art.

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Hey, I have republished my ebook and novella independently. It is available in more than one countries and is compatible with Kindle. This edition of the book is new in some senses.


Can you spot the difference between the previous copy and the current copy of the novella?


Tell me in the comments section below.

Uncultured Republished


To be here, amongst the books, smelling their odour is refreshing but in a nostalgic kind of way. I feel really nice here. It isn’t just a cafe. The ambience feels amazing. The books look like decorative pieces but more. It’s like many little worlds are residing here. Some are the ‘cursed’ ones which are somehow famous even after being ‘shushed’ at.

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