Sometimes, it gets too dark.

Things move in such a slower pace

That they leave a disturbing question mark

And make one want to manually end the seemingly endless tough phase.

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Each living moment, I am taking a step further towards your direction.

I know that you are reciprocating too to let our union happen.

I keep working on me but I must it is so tough,

I somehow persevere but almost all the time, I want to give up.

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Hey, I have republished my ebook and novella independently. It is available in more than one countries and is compatible with Kindle. This edition of the book is new in some senses.


Can you spot the difference between the previous copy and the current copy of the novella?


Tell me in the comments section below.

Uncultured Republished


You know that I am not clingy

But now, this distance also is slowly making things dreary.

How many minutes, days, hours, weeks,

Months and phases will go by before we will re-meet?

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If right now, I would have been in a relationship with you,

I would have started writing letters for you from the first day,

Keeping them with me first and in the later years, under your pillow

When it would have escalated to our wedding and would have kept repeating this everyday.

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