To be here, amongst the books, smelling their odour is refreshing but in a nostalgic kind of way. I feel really nice here. It isn’t just a cafe. The ambience feels amazing. The books look like decorative pieces but more. It’s like many little worlds are residing here. Some are the ‘cursed’ ones which are somehow famous even after being ‘shushed’ at.

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Oh, to be by your side,

Won’t that be enough to bring a smile

That will spread cutely on our faces

Throughout our life in all of its phases?

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How interesting is it that work doesn’t feel like a pressure as soon as you move away from the eyes watching you constantly. I am sitting in a cafe, working on my laptop and have done a lot of it already yet I don’t feel tired but there is a smile on my face, with a relief that I can feel as within so without. I am surrounded with books. They fascinate and attract me but uptil now, all I have been doing today is work. I am trying my best to rest and not be a workaholic but I absolutely love working and I also don’t deny that one of the reasons is that it helps me in escaping my sorrow and spares me with dealing with the lack I feel in my life.

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The Expressive Generation

I love this expressive generation. I love to see lovers rush into their respective lover’s and spouse’s arms. I love to see people make videos about whatever they aren’t able to express directly to the spouse. I love to see how having cameras in the hands all the time help lovers capture the moments where they catch their beloved’s love for them which shows in their body language. I love the honest and loyal ones, the fun, laughing and giggling ones, the bending on knees to propose ones, the ones who fight to protect their beloved from internal and external battles and are not afraid of gender norms.

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Powerfully Gentle

It is 6:26 am when I have started writing this beautiful thought! Wow! 

I feel, isn’t it so beautiful that some people feel so deeply and a few among them are also able to express those deep feelings so beautifully as they are to the world? Is it the ability to feel or the ability to express that is the highlight here? I don’t know but whichever it is, it’s beautiful. 

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The people who are expressive,

The way they narrate is impressive,

To see their expressions when they are excited

I dislike when my sleep interrupts the process.

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Treasure Hunt

People say that there is beauty in heartbreak. No, there isn’t. There’s beauty in the hope that is still left after the heartbreak. That hope brings the sunshine. Sometimes, it’s addictive- this cycle- but once you heal, you smile on it and walk ahead because you remember that this was what came in between of losing yourself and finding yourself again. Sometimes, love does feel intoxicating. It’s when it reaches its deepest limits- with or without expectations. I feel a love beyond time.

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Hey, I have republished my ebook and novella independently. It is available in more than one countries and is compatible with Kindle. This edition of the book is new in some senses.


Can you spot the difference between the previous copy and the current copy of the novella?


Tell me in the comments section below.

Uncultured Republished


She twisted her hair and threw it back. They fell till her waist. She shrugged her head, shaking it with the towel in her hand. She pulled a chair and sat in the balcony. Living alone for many years in her flat, she was habitual of looking out of the window and staring into the monotony of the sky.

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