My father is happy when I suddenly show fear

Which makes him a person ineligible to stay near.

He festers shame and lets it grow;

Shows these sides to me which everyone doesn’t know.

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Beyond The Blue Sky

You are there—somewhere beyond the blue sky.

I can feel that you exist; you are mine.

We need to do some worldly duties, move to dollars from dime

So that we can live carefree forever about this aspect in our lives.

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It’s raining outside in this month of January.

I stepped out of my room to avoid the cold,

Made myself comfortable getting a little heat.

Thinking how things are currently off-beat.

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Hey, I have republished my ebook and novella independently. It is available in more than one countries and is compatible with Kindle. This edition of the book is new in some senses.


Can you spot the difference between the previous copy and the current copy of the novella?


Tell me in the comments section below.

Uncultured Republished

The Art

You are running. From whom? You don’t know. Where are you headed to? You don’t know. You keep running, running away from whatever is bothering you. There is a lot of commotion around and your heartbeats have paced up due to constant and paced up movement. You know that you will not receive any help from the people who are crossing your paths as you keep running. You run and come at a room.

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